How to find us

   Being on the highways at the entrance to Izmail from Odessa, Bolgrad and Reni please note our guide boards. Please keep to the guideboards to the centre. The main place is the bell tower of the St. Pokrovskiy Cathedral. The Hotel location is clearly visible on the map.


 At the entrance from Odessa you have to keep to the right two-way traffic and to move to the traffic light before the St. Pokrovskiy Cathedral. It is the very center of the city. You must turn to the right at the traffic lights before the St. Pokrovskiy Cathedral. After the turn, there is the Town’s park on the left of the driver. There is the turn to the left after 150 meters at the end of the Town’s park. And you’ driving up to the main entrance of the «Old Town» Hotel. 
At the entrance from Reni and Bolgrad you proceed along Bolgradskoe shosse through the Broska village. Please follow our guide boards after the railway crossing! Do not miss three turns: the first one – to Bolgradskaya street, the second one – to Belgorod-Dnestrovskaya street, the third one – to
Pokrovskaya (ex.Komsomolskaya) street. There is the turn to the right before the Town’s park. There is the central entrance to the «Old Town» Hotel after 50 meters.
The arrival by train: from Odessa to the Central Railway Station of Izmail. 
The «Old Town» Hotel is located in the very centre of the city in the south-east from Izmail Railway Station. Odessa railways will provide you with the trains schedules. You can book your train ticket the