Semi Lux Rooms



A hotel offers to the guests 4 rooms of «Semi-Lux» class, made in a, orange, green and yellow color gamut. Area of numbers 19,0 s.m., 21,3 s.m, 18,9 s.m. and 16,5 s.m. Rooms are located on 1-th and 2-th floors. The windows of facades of rooms go out on the Town’s garden . Every room has a bedroom and bathroom. There are all necessary accessories and comforts in a bathroom, including a hair dryer, towels in a set, cosmetic set, slippers and other. Rooms are furnished the beds of «King Size» type . In every number present high speed access to the network of WI-FIt, mines-bars, cable TV, television set, telephone with establishing international connections. In addition, numbers are equipped the a «climate control system ».



Numbers are equipped the individual guard and fire warning.

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