Vip –Client

«Best quest» program from «Old Town» hotel:

    Visiting a hotel 3 times for a calendar year, you automatically join in club «Best Guest» ** hotel of «Old Town» and already from a next visit able to enjoy the special terms which we prepared for our permanent guests. After this time you get the discount card of hotel of «Old Town» and official status of initial level of the program of permanent guest of «Best Guest» "Silver", that gives you the followings privileges:

- discount 5% on a residence in the room of any category;
- discount 5% on additional rooms***.

5 followings visits of hotel of «Old Town» for a calendar year will give you new status in the program - «Best Guest» "Gold", that will allow you to purchase plenty of bonus and privileges:

- discount 10% on a residence in the hotel of «Old town»;
- discount 10% on additional rooms***;
- free late departure on Your request**** (up to 14:00);

Subsequent 10 visits of hotel of "Old Town" for a calendar year, will allow you to attain the higher level of the program of hotel of «Best Guest» - "Platinum":

-discount 15% on a residence in the hotel of «Old Town»;
-discount 10% on services of nightly bar of hotel of «Old Town”
-discount -10% on additional rooms***;
 free late departure on Your request ****(to 18:00);

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